(THE 9TH ENGLISH FORUM-WATCH VIDEOS) "The Beautiful Co-working Ministry for Building God’s Kingdom.”

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The 9th English Online Forum was held on March 20 with God’s abundant grace and his presence. There were around 110 coworkers in the mission fields who attended, and they have shared their grace and wisdom together concerning the beautiful co-working ministry for his kingdom works. P. Abraham Omotunde shared God’s wonderful ministry of co-working in Nigeria for 30 years, and Sh. Jonathan Saliuk showed the graceful loving community of Kiev. P. Ron gave a spiritual direction with his message, and Dr. Helen Rarick led the meeting. The 10th English Forum will be held on April 17th with the topic of “Empowering the Emerging Young Leadership.”  


Dear UBF Mission Coworkers

Praise God for his mighty work among us in the Pandemic situation! May God continue to strengthen us with his wisdom and power to serve his will! 

We will have the 9th English Online Forum on Saturday, March 20, 2021. The topic will be The Beautiful Co-working Ministry for Building God’s Kingdom. The co-working in God’s works is our life-line and God’s will among us. In this Forum we will deal with the issue of co-working in the mission fields. We will hear some spiritual leaders’ vivid voices and experiences for this topics. Furthermore, we will attempt to discuss the wisdom and guidance for them.  

Forum Topic: “The Beautiful Co-working Ministry for Building God’s Kingdom”
Date: Saturday, March 20, 2021.
Time: 11am (EDT New York, USA), 10am (CDT Chicago, USA), 4pm (CET Berlin, Germany), 12am (Sunday, KST Korea)
*Please be aware of daylight saving which may apply to each country starting from March 14th including the USA. 

Target Attendees: English-speaking leaders and 2nd gens   
Panelists: P. Abraham Omotunde (Nigeria, Africa), Sh. Jonathan Saliuk (Kyiv, Ukraine), P. Ron Ward (Vice GD, Chicago UBF Senior Pastor)
Moderator: Dr. Helen Rarick (Chicago, USA)

Presented via Zoom: The Zoom invitation will be sent out to registered emails prior to the meeting. If you want to join the 9th English Online Forum, please register on the HQ Website today (https://ubf.org/onlineforum/english).    

* UBF Online Forum Committee
   Chair: Dr. Ezra Cho (ezra5978@gmail.com)