“Tentmakers- A Life Following God's Word” YouTube Channel Project

Personal testimonies are powerful and more appealing to young people. We will try to make a plan to create a YouTube Channel. This is a YouTube channel where missionaries and leaders share their testimony about what Jesus has done in their lives. Please pray for this project.

  • 1. Purpose
    • To support the campus mission through UBF multimedia promotions
    • To support UBF members by encouraging them through missional & testimonial videos

  • 2. Contents
    : UBF Missionaries and leaders testimonial stories
    • Family life (videos that contain the unique atmosphere of each country, such as playing scenes with children in each family, sports scenes, cooking scenes, market viewing scenes, etc.)
    • Work life (workplace scenes, conversation scenes with colleagues, favorite restaurants or cafes, etc.)
    • Fellowship between church (memories meeting, tea time, center cleaning or worship scene)
    • Discipleship training and evangelism (campus atmosphere & one-on-one study or conversation scene, etc.)
    • Spiritual life (prayer, daily meditation, etc.)

  • 3. Language
    • English and Korean

  • 4. Who will be the Interviewee’s(participants):
    • Exemplary Laymen, who could show "Living life according to God's words" and "Layman ministry" which UBF's strengths are
    • Mostly younger shepherds and local shepherds.
    • Influential senior missionaries (once every 3 or 4 times)

  • 5. Channel Launching & Maintenance Plans
    Collaborate with Gwanak 3 UBF in Korea.
    • UBF HQ Online Mission Team : Planning & Contents Preparation, Promotion
    • Gwanak 3 UBF : Channel Creation, Video Editing, Channel Maintenance

  • 6. YouTube Channels

If you would like to suggest a candidate for each chapter, please send it to the following email address:

Contact Email : ubfonlinemission@gmail.com