About this Online Section

As all of us understand, in this Covid19 era, most businesses, education organizations, and others are shifting their paradigm gears to fit to online forms as they run their organization. A church organization and campus ministry like us should adopt such new trend quickly. Though we cannot be on campus this year, online is our new mission field. We can preach the gospel through Social Media such as YouTube and Facebook. However, there are not many chapters that can actually do this. This online section provides instructional materials, examples, and resources for campus mission using social media.

  • Pages to encourage UBF members' social media activities
  • Chapters' online worship links for those who want to join online worship services
  • Lecture materials to learn how to use social media
  • There are several examples of successful evangelism using social media during the Covid-19 pandemic time.
  • Online Conference or Seminar
  • We are looking for people who can be LEADERS in our team, young, innovative thinkers, who have a passion for tech and social media, know the trends of the time and can make commitment to serving our support team.

Please contact us if you would like to provide good data or have any comments on the operation of this page.

Contact Email : ubfonlinemission@gmail.com