Endorsement from Dr. John H. Armstrong:

I write this letter of recommendation for the University Bible Fellowship (UBF). I have known the work of UBF first-hand for several years. I have personally watched them deal with various issues and faithfully seek to proclaim the gospel, especially through small house churches near college campus settings. The ministry lives by biblical principles and strives faithfully to obey Christ in all things.

UBF has been the recipient of some criticism and I have investigated some of these matters firsthand. I find the charges against UBF to be essentially baseless. Most of them are rooted in culture and practices that some Americans do not like. They have proven themselves to be honest in their relationship with me and have also shown the clearest financial and moral integrity at every point. I am happy to be associated with UBF and many of their North American leaders. They have treated me with respect and demonstrated real biblical religion. Read More

- Dr. John H. Armstrong:

Endorsement from Rev. Sung-Kyu Choi and Rev. Chun-Yill Park:

University Bible Fellowship is an evangelical fellowship and has made great contributions to campus mission in Korea. It has never tried to display its activity to others but already has 15,000 leaders in 75 chapters in Korea alone, and has sent 1,247 self-supporting missionaries to more than 77 countries in the world.

Considering the great contributions of U.B.F. in the moral education of campus students, raising up spiritual leaders for the future, enhancing the national glory in sending out missionaries, and the number and quality of the leaders already raised up, I am sure that U.B.F. will continue to contribute to the campus evangelical movement in Korea as we1 as to the national glory.Read More

- Rev. Sung-Kyu Choi and Rev. Chun-Yill Park:

Endorsement from Dr. Robert Coleman:

My knowledge of UBF is not extensive, but I have known some of thier leaders, and have talked with a number of their missionaries at some conferences where I have spoken. My impressions have always been positive. What stands out to one is their sense of mission and commitment to the Great Commission. They take seriously Christ's command to "make disciples of all nations." Whatever I may think about their disciplined way of going about it, no one can fault the sincerity of their motive or the obedience of their lifestyle. Read More

- Dr. Robert Coleman:

Endorsement from Rev. Willam R. Glass:

I am writing on behalf of University Bible Fellowship at the request of Pastor Jacob Lee, who has been a friend of mine and pastor of the UBF church in College Park, Maryland. I had the privilege of meeting with him, teaching at his church as well as at the Leadership conference last September in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a result of my interaction with him as well as other leaders, I am convinced that UBF is a solidly conservative Christian fellowship which adheres to the traditional fundamentals of the faith. They hold conservative Christian cultural values as they relate to biblical values and truths. We were very impressed with the leaders, both from Korean and non-Korean roots, as we met formerly and informally with them.

- Rev. Willam R. Glass:

Endorsement from Dr. George Harton:

Jacob Lee, Pastor of the University Bible Fellowship Church in College Park, Maryland, asked me to provide a written testimony to my interaction with UBF as UBF seeks membership in the NAE. I am currently serving as the Academic Dean of Capital Bible Seminary (CBS) in Lanham, Maryland. I graduated with a BA degree from Princeton University in Germanic Languages and Literature. I also hold degrees from Grace Theological Seminary in Indiana (Master of Divinity) and from Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas (Master of Sacred Theology and PhD). I served as a pastor from 1969 to 1981 of churches in Pennsylvania, Alabama and Texas and as a professor at CBS from 1981 to present (Academic Dean since 1995). I am writing from an individual, not an institutional perspective.

- Dr. George Harton

Endorsement from Rev. Joon-Gon Kim:

Firstly, UBF has raised up many spiritual leaders who have mature character and faith through one-to-one Bible study and discipleship training. These disciples of Jesus have been influencing the community, acquiring good reputation as light and salt of the world.

Secondly, UBF has raised up many self-supportive missionaries who have been sent all over the world and serve campus mission in their respective mission field. Currently, over 1,400 self-supportive missionaries are working in about 80 countries.

- Rev. Joon-Gon Kim

Endorsement from Professor Scott Moreau:

I am writing on behalf of University Bible Fellowship at the request of Dr. Mark Yoon, who has been a friend of mine over the past eight years. Over the course of that time we have shared fellowship at numerous meetings, including several discussions on cultural values as they relate to biblical values and truths.

There can be no doubt that UBF is conservative evangelical in doctrine and conservative in Korean values of leadership and mentorship. To Americans used to autonomous independence and unfamiliar with Korean culture, the Korean-styled leadership structure that characterizes UBF seems overly hierarchical. Some have decided that it is cultish. However, within the Korean context that was the birthplace of UBF, such a structure demonstrates commitment, discipline, and integrity.

- Professor Scott Moreau

Endorsement from Dr. Ruth A. Tucker:

I am writing about my long-time friendship with the University Bible Fellowship, with headquarters in Chicago and ministry around the world.

I first became acquainted with the ministry of UBF in the 1980s when I was teaching at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. One of my students was Jun Ki Chung, who was taking doctoral work in Missiology while completing his Ph.D. under Dr. Martin Marty at the University of Chicago. Mr. Chung was also very involved in the leadership of UBF. Dr. Chung now serves as Professor of Historical Theology at Kwangshin University in Korea, while maintaining his close relationship with UBF.

- Dr. Ruth A. Tucker