Long Term Mission

UBF is a laymen movement. Our missionaries are all over the world living out and preaching the gospel. They all have their professions and at the same time serve the gospel work. Some are medical doctors and nurses. Others are professors and students. Still others run businesses or work for government. Our missionaries are self-supporting layman ministers. They are all long term missionaries who are willing to die and bury their bones in their mission fields. Since most of our missionaries are Korean, Korea UBF HQ and chapters have played an important role in supporting them and they will continue to do so. This committee will work closely with them to support our missionaries in any way possible. Moreover, there is a growing number of non-Korean missionaries and this committee is dedicated to supporting them as well. There are other important tasks assigned to this committee. For example, collecting and keeping missionary information and prayer topics up to date, analyze the data for HQ uses, and come up with new mission strategies for unreached nations through research. This committee also needs to work with external world mission entities for collaborative projects (e.g. Evangelical Missiological Society). The committee’s activities include but are not limited to the followings:

  • Collect missionary/ministry information and prayer topics
  • Support missionaries in collaboration with other world mission entities (e.g. Korea UBF and continental coordinators)
  • Training missionaries (non-Korean missionaries)
  • Propose mission strategy for unreached nations through research
  • Collaborating with other world mission entities outside of UBF

Committee Chair: Joshua Hong (I-Vine)