(2023 ISBC) ISBC 2023 Visa Invitation Letter Request Form

by UBF HQ   10-28-2022   0 reads

To all UBF members:

Warm greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ! At this time we want to welcome any UBF member who will need a visa in order to attend the ISBC 2023 and those who will need UBF HQ Office to provide a formal invitation letter for their visa application. Please note, this is not for registration for the conference. General conference registration will begin at a later date through the ISBC 2023 website when it opens. The formal invitation letter is only for those who need visas. Your request for an invitation letter can be made immediately by following the attached online link. When you request an invitation letter, please be ready to provide your name–exactly as shown on your passport, your passport number, and your date of birth. Proceeding in a timely manner will improve the possibility of obtaining a visa. We will be ready to assist you in any way possible to obtain a visa. Most of all, let’s pray that our Lord may open the way for all to attend whom he wants to attend. Let’s have faith in God that he can move mountains for his chosen servants. May our God be glorified through us.

Warm regards,
ISBC Steering Committee

Click here to request ISBC 2023 Invitation Letter for visa application.