(KOREA) A New Education Center for Anam UBF was Completed 

by UBF HQ   01-18-2022   0 reads

By C*aleb Choi

A new education center of Anam UBF was completed, and a thanksgiving service was held.

The new education center has four chapels for the next generation, four one-room accommodations for missionaries, and a cafe for the study of the Word, meditation, and fellowship of believers. The Education Center began construction in May 2021 and was licensed for use as a Christmas present on December 24, 2021, approximately eight months later.

Along the way, there were difficulties such as increase of rebar prices and strikes by companies, but God answered the prayers of the Anam UBF co-workers and guided the entire process smoothly. We pray that the new education center will be used as a place to build the next generation that will succeed the world mission and bible Korean ministry, to study the Word and and have fellowship, and a place to rest for missionaries.