(UGANDA/UPDATE) Construction Status of the Center and Student Dormitory in Makerere UBF, Uganda

by UBF HQ   07-18-2022   0 reads


By J*ames Lee

The construction for the center and student dormitory in Makerere UBF, Uganda is ongoing. Pray for the electrical, plumbing, and painting work to be done well and completed. Please pray for I*saac Song, who is in charge of the construction work.


By L*ivingstone K

The Makerere UBF church construction is progressing well, but for the completion of the remaining details (septic tank, electricity, sewerage) it's going to cost more than we had expected. The additional cost to finalize all the remaining parts will be about 120,000 USD. According to I*saac Song, who has been working as a site supervisor, the construction must be completed without delay to avoid further additional costs and to secure occupation permit. We pray that God may provide 120,000 USD so that we can finish all the construction work as soon as possible. Thank you for your prayers.

Uganda Makerere chapter prayer topics:

1. Completion of the church building: The parish of the church may be finished by the end of December. The complete accommodation is expected to be by the end of January next year.

2. To raise up dedicated shepherds
3. By 2042 (50th anniversary of the pioneering), 43 Ugandan campuses may be pioneered and 25 missionaries be dispatched.