IT/Social Media Mission Committee

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of IT/social media in this day and age. In particular, students in early 20s called Gen Z, the main target of our mission, are connected to the Internet through smartphones for more than 6 hours a day and constantly communicate with others through social media. They get a lot of information through social media. There is a growing need for developing good contents for social media mission. This committee will focus on developing a holistic IT and social media mission strategy. Our goals are: 1) Engage in online mission and improve UBF image through social media activities (open YouTube channels, upload good contents, etc.) and 2) Support our missionaries (providing useful materials and educational contents, establishing a platform for sharing and friendship building). The committee’s activities include but are not limited to the followings:

  • Develop new UBF website, content management system for social media, smartphone app, etc
  • Support YouTube channel creation and operation (e.g. UBF Tentmakers, Bible study matchmaking)
  • Promote positive images of UBF via online resources
  • Provide education and support for social media activities of local chapters

Committee Chair: Joseph Cho (LA)