Carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus by sending missionaries based on Matthew 28:19-20.


From the onset, UBF has emphasized world mission in obedience to Jesus’ great commission “Go and make disciples of all nations.…” (Matthew 28:19). As of 2019, over 1,800 layman missionaries have been sent out to more than 90 countries in order to advance God’s kingdom. One of our main prayer topics is to send out 100,000 missionaries to 233 countries by 2041.

World Mission Department (WMD) is a part of UBF headquarters organization commissioned by General Director. The primary task of WMD is to support UBF world mission ministries by:

  • Collecting missionary/ministry information and prayer topics
  • Supporting missionaries in collaboration with other UBF entities
  • Providing online forums for missionary/shepherd communication and education
  • Developing and supporting programs and activities designed to inspire and educate new generation
  • Supporting online mission
  • Promoting silver mission and providing matchmaking
  • Collaborating with other world mission entities outside of UBF
  • Raising funds for world mission activities

Department Structure

  • Executive team: Department Chair, Committee Chairs, Coordinator
  • Advisory group: GD and former executive team members
  • Committees:
    • Long Term Mission Committee
    • Short Term Mission Committee
    • Silver Mission Committee
    • Missionary Education and Training Committee
    • New Generation Mission Committee
    • Continuing Missionary Education (CME) Committee
    • IT/ Social Media Mission Committee
    • North America Mission Committee