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Just Believe (Lk 8:40-56)



Luke 8:40-56 

Key Verse: 8:50 


1.Where had Jesus been? Why did the crowd welcome him (40)? Who was Jairus, and why did he come to Jesus (41-42a)? What was his attitude toward Jesus (41b)? 


2.Describe the woman who came up behind Jesus in the crowd (42b-43; Lev 15:25-27, 31). What happened when she touched his cloak (44)? Why was her touch different from that of the crowd? 


3.How did Jesus know that someone had touched him (45-46)? Why did he insist that the woman come forward? What did she confess (47)? How did Jesus bless her (48)? 


4.What happened while Jesus was talking with the woman and how might this have affected Jairus (49)? Read verse 50. What did Jesus’ words mean to Jairus? How can we overcome fear and doubt? How did Jairus respond? 


5.What did Jesus find when he arrived at the home of Jairus (51-53)? How was Jesus’ view of the dead girl different from others? What did Jesus do (54-56)? What does this event reveal about Jesus? What does Jesus want Jairus and us to “just believe”? 

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