Come Worship the King (Mt 2:1-23)

by HQ Bible Study Team   04/21/2017     0 reads



Matthew 2:1-23

Key verse 2 


  1.  Who came to Jerusalem and why (1-2)? What does “the one born king of the Jews” tell us about Jesus? Why is it significant that they came to worship him? 


  1.  How did King Herod and all Jerusalem respond (3)? What did Herod look for, and what did he find out (4-5)?  


  1.  What kind of ruler was the Messiah prophesied to be (6)? How did Herod try to use the Magi (7-8)? How is Jesus’ kingship different from Herod’s? 


  1.  Why were the Magi so joyful to see the star and find Jesus (9-10)? What was the meaning of their gifts (11)? What do we learn from the Magi about Jesus? 


  1.  How did God protect Joseph’s family (13-23)? What Scriptures were fulfilled (15; 17-18; 23)? What does this show about Jesus?