The Living Stone

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2003 Downey UBF Spring Conference

Lecture 2 -- Study Questions



  1 Peter 1:1-2:11

  Key Verse: 2:4, 5

1. Read 1:1-2. To whom is Peter writing? Why are they scattered? Why "strangers in the world"? For what have they (and we) been chosen? Read verses 3-4. What is our living hope? How can we have this living hope? How can we have this new birth?

2. Read verses 5-9. In what do we greatly rejoice? (5-6) Why should we rejoice in times of suffering and difficulty?(6-7) Why are we filled with glorious and inexpressible joy? (8)

3. Read verses 10-12. What else does he say about our salvation? Why must we be especially thankful?

4. Read verses 13-17. How can we prepare our minds for action? (List several ways.) How can we grow in holiness? Why must we live our lives as strangers in reverent fear?

5. Read verses 18-21. What has God done for us? How can we escape living fatalistically as prisoners of the past? Where must we place our faith and hope? How does this make a difference? 

6. Read verses 1:22-2:3. What can we learn here about the living word? How does God work through his word? What marks the life of one who has been born again through the living word of God? How does the word of God plant hope in our hearts? How does it help us grow?

7. Read 2:4-8. Note the references to Jesus as a Stone. What are the different kinds of Stones is he? What does it mean that he is the Cornerstone? The capstone? A rejected stone? How did he become the Living stone? (1:18-21,3) 

8. What does it mean that we are living stones? What kind of building is God building? What is the purpose of the holy priesthood? Read 2:9. For what did God choose his people?

     9. Read verses 10-12. How can God be glorified by our lives? What does God want to do through the holy nation people he has chosen, redeemed, purified and made his own?