Like Sheep among Wolves

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Like Sheep among Wolves

Like Sheep among Wolves

Matthew 10:11-16

Key verse 10:16a

Read verses 11-13.  Why do you think Jesus commanded his disciples to stay at one house until they leave that town?  How were they to bless that home?  

Read verses 14-15.  What does verse 14 tell us about what makes a person, home or town worthy or deserving of the gospel?  What should the disciples do when people do not welcome them, or listen to them?  What will it be like for that town on the Day of Judgment?              

Read verse 16.  How were the disciples like sheep among wolves?  At what times should we be shrewd as snakes?  How can we be as innocent as doves?  What does this verse tell us about the disciples place or position in this world?