For God so loved the world

by LA UBF   10/14/2018     0 reads


For God so loved the world

John 3:16-36

Read verses 16-18. How did God reveal his love for the world? Who can have eternal life?  Why do those who do not believe stand condemned already (18)?

Read verses 19-21. What is the verdict (19)? Why do people love darkness instead of light?  What is the way to come into the light (21)?

Read verses 22-26.  What was Jesus doing in the Judean countryside?  What argument developed between John's disciples and a certain Jew? (25)  What was John's disciples’ complain? (26)

Read verses 27-30.  How did John help his disciples? (27-29a)  What joy did John the Baptist have? (29b)  What did John mean by saying, "He must become greater; I must become less"? (30)  

Read verses 31-36.  Who is the one who is from above?  Why is the testimony of the one from above valid?  What does the man who accepts His testimony certify? (33-34)  What are the consequences of either believing in the Son or rejecting him? (35-36)