Dear UBF Mission Coworkers,

We will have the 23rd English Online Forum on Saturday, June 25, 2022. The topic will be Happy Couple in Jesus.Biblically speaking, God himself established the family and wanted them to enjoy the heavenly happiness of Eden. When we establish a happy marital relationship that shares communication and sympathy in Jesus, we can enjoy the happiness of bearing the fruit of life as a missionary. Through this Forum, we want to learn what the biblical marital relationship is and have time to restore a happy marital relationship that is pleasing to God. Please join the Forum to gain God’s wisdom! 

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2022.
Time: 10am (CDT Chicago, USA), 11am (EDT New York, USA), 5pm (CEST Berlin, Germany), 12am (KST Korea) 
Target Attendees: English-speaking leaders and 2nd gens     
Panelists: Sh. James & Abigail Tetzlaff (USA),
Bunmi Omotunde (Nigeria), P. Ron Ward (GD-Elect, Chicago UBF Senior Pastor)
Moderator: Dr. Helen Rarick (USA)