Dear UBF Mission Coworkers,

Thank and praise God for the revelation of his wonderful glory through ISBC 2023! May God help us to keep up with the advance of his kingdom works and to press on mission revival!

We will have the 27th English Online Forum on Saturday, September 30, 2023. The topic will be The Harvest is Plentiful.” With the Forum we are going to share what God has done during ISBC 2023 and how God revealed his glory among us. Furthermore, we will discuss mission strategy and mission revival over all mission fields. Please join the Forum to gain God’s wisdom and to keep up with the advance of his kingdom works.

Topic: The Harvest is Plentiful.

Date: Saturday, September 30, 2023. 
Time: 10am (CDT Chicago, USA), 11am (EDT New York, USA), 5pm (CEST Berlin, Germany), 12am (Sunday, KST Korea) 
Target Attendees: English-speaking leaders and 2nd gens     
Panelists: Dr. John Lee (Springfield, USA), M. Maria Meyer (Germany), P. Phillip Wong (Canada), P. Ron Ward (General Director)
Moderator: Dr. Helen Rarick (USA)