What Is Bible Study Free?
Bible Study Free is one of the projects initiated by the Online Mission Support Team to support the digital ministry, especially under the global pandemic. To put it simply this is a matching website between students and bible teachers.

Why Do We Do This?
In wake of COVID-19, we experienced the limitation of access to the campus. Notwithstanding, we believe that the Gospel should not be quarantined. We want to make us searchable by the students who desire to learn more about the Bible.

How Does It Work?
When students sign up for the bible study, we prayerfully connect them with mentors who are missionaries and Bible teachers.

Get Involved
  • Testimonials: We are constantly looking out for testimonial videos- simple and honest.  
  • Copywriter: We have students sign-up for the newsletter and need copywriters. 
  • Prayers and create roles for you!

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