Bible Reading Support Application

This is a site that helps people read the Bible faithfully.

Introduction to UBF Bible Reading Service

This service helps us have a habit of reading the Bible using smartphone.
We have expanded the range of services for missionaries and local shepherds around the world.
Key features include:
1) Bible reading plan
   - Reading in order from Genesis to Revelation
   - Reading the Bible
   - Reading along the forest of Bible
2) Reading and writing dailybread
   - We can eat daily bread on PC or smart phone.
3) Various Bible materials
   - All Korean and English daily bread contents since 2000
   - Questions and messages of Korea UBF headquarters
   - English Bible Study Materials (Question,Messages,Notes) on the LA Center Bible Verses
   - John Oh’s 66 messages (Chun-ahn UBF,Staff)
   - The Digital Book ‘Bible Forest’ of Pastor Kim Nehemiah of Gwangju UBF. (This book illuminates the whole Bible as if you are seeing the forest.)
4) Personal prayer diary
   - Writing Rersonal prayer titles and check prayer
   - Checking the answered prayer, unanswered prayer, etc., and check the result & God’ will of prayer later
5) Ranking service
   - Bible Reading rankings by members for a week.( Motivation to read)
   - Bible reading event can be held at each center
6) Voice service
   - We use the Text-to-Speech function, one of the Google AI services, to provide Bible text voice and daily bread text voice services.
7) English-Korean dictionary
     If you click on an English word, you can get the e-dictionary service.
8) Comparison of Bible versions by section
   - Click on the verse in the Bible text and press the Comp icon at the bottom
     3 Korean Version, 6 English Version (NIV / NLT / ESV / NASB / AMP / KJV) to help you understand & interpret the Bible text more accurately.
9) Cross-reference service
   - In order to translate the Bible into the Bible, each verse is serviced with Cross-reference.

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