The UBF Education Department is a function of UBF International HQ. As the name indicates, the University Bible Fellowship emphasizes Bible study. The Education Department members believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God that is the foundation and the final authority by which we evaluate all belief, teaching and practice. We believe that the word of God alone can lead people to salvation through faith in Christ and transform us by the power of the Spirit so that we grow spiritually. The word of God also equips us to serve God (2Ti 3:15-17). We pray to encounter Christ, practice his teachings and raise disciples who follow him to advance his kingdom.


The knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea (Isa 11:9; Col 1:9,10)


To build up UBF communities both locally and globally by equipping members for the Great Command (to love one another) and the Great Commission (to make disciples of all nations) primarily for the world campus ministry


  1. Contribute to the development of competent lay ministers, missionaries and fulltime shepherds
  2. Provide quality Bible study materials and essential contents for UBF ministries
  3. Develop training programs and relevant courses to support ministry leaders

Core Values:

  • The Word of God as the foundation and the final authority for faith and practice
  • Intimate relationship with Christ our Savior and Lord
  • Relying on the Holy Spirit through fervent prayer
  • Shepherding individuals according to God’s calling
  • Disciple-making through teamwork
  • Sound doctrine in the Evangelical, Reformed tradition; unity in essentials, liberty in non-essentials
  • Healthy community through Christ-centered leaders


  • Develop and provide Bible study materials on the entire Bible
  • Equip emerging key leaders through Emerging Leaders Cohort
  • Develop quality training programs and offer courses for ministry leaders (Biblical hermeneutics, Bible Doctrines, Church History, Counseling, Preaching, Mission, etc.)
  • Support UBF conferences by providing Bible study materials
  • Equip women leaders through Women Encouraging Women
  • Develop and support young staff/new lay pastors
  • Collaborate with other UBF continental education centers for equipping missionaries/leaders worldwide
  • Assist with educational support for various issues that arise in UBF ministry and publish relevant discipleship materials

Current Members

  • Bible Study Team 1: Ron Word, Teddy Hembekides, Mark Yang, Augustine Suh, John Seo
  • Bible Study Team 2: Ezra Cho, Joshua Hong, Steve Stasinos, Ben West
  • Emerging Leaders Cohrt Team: Kevin Albright, Joshua Hong, Augustine Suh
  • Online School team: Paul Hong, Augustine Suh, Kevin Albright, Ezra Cho, Steve Stasinos
  • Women Encouraging Women Team: Liz Hembekides, Liz Lincoln, Kathy Vucekovich, Grace S Lee, Christy Toh
  • Conference Program Committee: Teddy Hembekides, Augustine Suh, Kevin Albright, Steve Stasinos
  • New Staff Development Committee: NA coordinator, Mark Vucekovich
  • Department Chair/Communication: Augustine Suh