As the name indicates, the University Bible Fellowship emphasizes Bible study. The Education Department (ED) members believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God that is the foundation and the final authority by which we evaluate all belief, teaching and practice. We believe that the word of God alone can lead people to salvation through faith in Christ and transform us by the power of the Spirit so that we grow spiritually. The word of God also equips us to serve God (2Ti 3:15-17). As we study the Bible, we pray to encounter Christ, practice his teachings and raise disciples who follow him to advance his kingdom.


Within the context of UBF as a whole, the ED seeks to assist local chapters, regions, and the entire worldwide body in the raising of Christian leaders who grow in the image of Christ, are qualified to teach others, and become effective disciple makers. To fulfill this mission, our primary tasks are:

  • Developing and distributing Bible study materials on every book of the Bible
  • Supporting UBF conferences by providing Bible study material
  • Equipping key leaders through the Emerging Leaders Cohort
  • Offering Online Education: church history, Bible doctrine, theology, etc.
  • Assisting with educational support for various issues that arise in UBF ministry

Department Structure

  • Department Chairman—Ron Ward
  • Education Administration--Kevin Albright
  • Education Programs Development—Augustine Suh
  • Regional Coordinators:
    • Latin America--Juan Seo
  • Bible Study Material Committee
    • Ron Ward, Mark Yang, Augustine Suh, Teddy Hembekides
  • Conference/Workshop Program Committee
    • Mark Vucekovich, Teddy Hembekides, Augustine Suh, Kevin Albright, Ron Ward
  • Emerging Leaders Cohort Committee
    • Kevin Albright, Augustine Suh, Joshua Hong, Abraham Lincoln
  • HQ Online Education Committee
    • Augustine Suh, Kevin Albright, Ezra Cho, Paul Hong, Daniel Lee