Passage: Matthew 2:1~12  

Keyverse: 2

1. We have come to worship him (1-2)

God alone is worthy of man's worship. The Magi were scholars who were searching for truth. They were searching for God. They studied the stars and the Old Testament. God showed them the star of the promised Messiah (Nu 24:17a), and they boldly set out on a long, hard, dangerous journey to find the one worthy of worship. They were not seeking material gain; rather, they wanted to give their treasures to the King of kings. Life has meaning only when we know and worship the one worthy of our worship.

2. They were overjoyed (3-12)

The Magi lost sight of the star. They were sure that the new king would be in the palace--but they were wrong! Herod tried to use them for his own evil purpose, but God protected them. When they left Herod, they saw the star again and were overjoyed. The star led them to the baby. They worshiped him and joyfully went home another way. May God raise up a few truth-seekers in our time.

Prayer: Lord, help me to follow your star until I know you personally and can lay my treasures at your feet.

One Word: Worship the King