Passage: Ephesians 3:1~13  

Keyverse: 3:8

First, the mystery of Christ (1-6). Paul was imprisoned because he preached the gospel to Gentiles. But even in prison, Paul preached the gospel without bitterness. The Jews were blind to the mystery of Christ, but Paul wanted all who read this letter to know it has been revealed: Through the gospel Gentiles and Jews are members of one body, sharers in the promise in Christ Jesus. Second, the manifold wisdom of God (7-13). Paul had not planned to be a servant of the gospel; rather this was God's one sided grace to him. Such grace made him humble and thankful for the privilege to preach to the Gentiles the boundless riches of Christ in the gospel. He did this wholeheartedly, making plain to everyone the gospel. The church built from this gospel reveals God's wisdom to all. In him and through faith in Christ we may approach God freely. He doesn't want his sufferings to discourage, but rather help them see the glory God has revealed.
Prayer: Lord, thank you for your grace in Christ, which is boundless riches, to be shared to all.

One Word: Make plain the mystery of Christ