Passage: Luke 9:43b~56  

Key verse: 48b

1. Greatness in humility (43b-50)

Who is the greatest follower of Jesus? The one who looks most like Him! For our sake, Jesus set aside His glory and allowed himself to be delivered into the hands of men. He did this because of his great love for all kinds of people and his desire for each person to be saved. We are to have His humility. There is not a single person who is insignificant to the Lord. He wants us to embrace even the lowliest child and invite them into the kingdom of God. We are to rejoice in how he has called and used different people to advance his kingdom. Instead of being jealous, we are to offer them our support and encouragement.

2. Greatness in grace (51-56)

Luke says that Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. Another side of Jesus' greatness is his willingness to obey the Father's will, even though it meant his own suffering and death. Jesus came to display the wondrous grace of God for lost sinners. No wonder he rebuked his disciples when they asked him if they wanted them to call down fire upon the Samaritan village who rejected them! Followers of Jesus are to obey God's will and to share his mercy and grace with others, even in the face of rejection. This is what it means to be truly great.

Prayer: Father, help us to be humble and graceful like Jesus.

One Word: To be great is to be like Jesus