Passage: Luke 8:1~15  

Key verse: 8

Jesus chose twelve apostles, but many women followed Jesus very closely. In a patriarchal society, Jesus welcomed and empowered women and allowed them to live up to more than what society tolerated. When women boldly spoke up or did something outside of the ordinary, he always listened and was often amazed at their faith.

Jesus taught a large crowd about a farmer who scattered seed over all kinds of soil. God's word, the gospel, is like a seed. It may seem small and simple, but it has great potential and life-giving power. In good soil, the seed grows on its own and can yield a crop a hundred times more than was sown. God's word can change the course of one's life and even the course of history. The farmer doesn't do anything but spread the seed and trust in its potential. Likewise, we cannot do anything except receive it by faith and allow it to grow. God's word is his love letter to all people of the world who are suffering under the power of sin and shame. It is amazing grace and empowering love.

Prayer: Lord, may the seed of your word penetrate the depths of our hearts and grow to empower us to live by faith, bearing good fruit.

One Word: The seed in good soil will bear fruit