Passage: Luke 6:20~26  

Key verse: 22

Jesus’ ministry is disruptive to an established order that values power, wealth, earthly comfort, and social acceptance. Those things can be spiritually destructive because they make us proud, self- righteous, and judgmental. On the other hand, to be poor, hungry, hated, and excluded is humiliating and brings great suffering. In fact, we can easily condemn others in humble circumstances, blaming them, and even shunning them. That is how the world treated the disciples who embraced poverty and rejection because of Jesus (22). Yet, Jesus called them blessed because though they had little in the world, they possessed the kingdom of God.

Are you or do you know someone who is poor or suffering or feels marginalized or rejected? When those circumstances turn people to repentance and full surrender to Jesus, Jesus calls them blessed.

It is hard to accept the woes, but we may be relatively rich, well-fed, happy, and generally well-spoken of. Woe to us if we do not care enough about God's children, especially those who suffer under different circumstances. Why is it so hard to come out of our comfort zones and into a life of love that Jesus passionately lived and died for?

Prayer: Lord, forgive me for my lack of love for those who are suffering. Give me your heart of compassion and take away my heart of stone.

One Word: Yours is the kingdom of God