Passage: Nehemiah 3:1~32  

Key verse: 1

Nehemiah’s list of workers presents a wonderful picture of diversity and unity. God’s people were so different from one another, yet they worked with one heart and mind to repair the walls of Jerusalem. There was a deep spiritual meaning to the rebuilding of the wall and the first workers that Nehemiah lists are priests, led by the high priest Eliashib himself. As they rebuilt the walls, the people reestablished their identity as the people of God. They worked for his glory and sought his presence once more. Eliashib could have viewed such labor as beneath him and left it for the layman. Instead, he got involved with the practical work of God and set a great example for others.

Nehemiah’s list of workers includes priests, residents from inside and outside Jerusalem, gold smiths, perfume makers, the daughters of Shallum, and Levites. None of them were contractors or construction workers! All of them were laymen who gave their hearts to the work. Nehemiah’s workforce reminds us of the body of Christ. Although Jesus has called believers from every tribe and nation, we are to be united in proclaiming the gospel and advancing his kingdom. Unfortunately, one group of nobles refused to participate in the labor and missed out on the wonderful spiritual blessings of serving God.

Prayer: Father, grant us a spirit of unity.

One Word: Serve God with one heart and mind