Passage: Mark 10:1~16  

Key verse: 9

Jesus had entered Judea and was teaching a large crowd when a group of Pharisees came to test him. They asked Jesus, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?” A better and more sincere question would have been this: “Lord, how can we overcome the hardness of our hearts?” Moses permitted men to write a certificate of divorce for their wives and send them away. It wasn’t because he approved of divorce but rather to curb the rampant abuse that was taking place and to protect the women who were being left behind. There is a big difference between what is permitted and what is commanded. Jesus reminds us that God’s command for marriage goes all the way back to the time of Creation. From the very beginning, God declared that a male and female who are united in marriage have become one flesh, joined together by himself. No one is to separate them. Jesus told his disciples very plainly that a man or woman who divorces their spouse and marries another commits adultery.

People were bringing their little children to Jesus to be blessed by him. Jesus welcomed them and loved them. Those who belong to the kingdom of God have the heart and nature of children. God welcomes those who are humble, trusting, and dependent on him. “Children of God” is a wonderful description of our identity in Christ.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, bless and heal our families.

One Word: It was because your hearts were hard.