Passage: 2_Corinthians 11:16~33  

Key verse: 30

The Corinthians—in their self-assured wisdom—tolerated the exploitative, self-promoting, and intimidating leadership of false teachers in the church while rejecting Paul’s servant leadership. Paul gently rebuked their foolishness to help them gain true wisdom. They should discern the difference between just humanly impressive false teachers and humble, self-sacrificing apostles like himself. Indeed, Paul’s human credentials as an apostle were far superior to that of the false apostles, but he did not boast about that.

Rather, Paul boasted about his sufferings for Christ such as being beaten, put in jail, being hungry, cold, and naked. He boasted about the dangers he faced for the gospel. Out of a shepherd heart, Paul agonized in prayer for the weak and inwardly burdened to rescue God’s sheep from sin and heresy. We want to boast of our success or strength and hide our weakness. But Paul boasted of the things that showed his weakness, mentioning his helpless escape from Damascus by others’ help. By suffering for Christ, Paul became mature and grew in the image of Jesus, the good Shepherd; his boast of weakness revealed God’s power and his grace. A true servant of God is not the one who talks big but who suffers for Christ.

Prayer: Lord, help me not to suffer for my sins but suffer joyfully for Christ and his kingdom, only boasting in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

One Word: Boast Christ and his grace and power