Passage: Matthew 23:1~12  

Keyverse: 12

Jesus taught his disciples and the people to respect the religious leaders who were stewards of the law of Moses. The law was the word of God given to them by his servant, Moses. They should carefully obey it and practice it. But he also warned them not to live by the example of these same religious leaders, for their practice was poor. They did not help God’s sheep to seek God through his living word. Instead, they became self-seeking, promoting their own honor and exalting themselves at the expense of the precious children God had entrusted to them.

Jesus is our wonderful example. He came from heaven to be our teacher. He calls us to live under our Father God only. He is our Messiah by his coming to die for our sins. He bore the rejection of this world in his body and died on the cross. In this way he gave life to all who trust in him. Jesus is the greatest, for he obeyed the Father and served sinners. We are called to live in his image, to humbly serve sinners that they may come to know God and have hope to be exalted by him.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for sending Jesus to serve me, a sinner. Help me to serve others, so that they may know his glory.

One Word: Seek to be exalted by God