Passage: Psalm 61:1~8  

Keyverse: 2

We don’t know the exact situation in which David composed this prayer, but it is clear that he was far away from help, and his suffering was so severe that he felt his very life was fading away (2a). In such a time, his prayer expresses the purest spiritual desire (2b). He yearns to live in God’s presence, under God’s protection (4). He wants to live on a level above earthly things.

David remembers how God has helped him up until now as his refuge and strong tower (3). David has hope because of his good spiritual heritage, believing that the faith that was handed down to him will sustain him (5). Then he prays with renewed confidence for God to restore his life (6-7). When we feel weak or crushed under burdens, it is good for us to re-examine our heart and pray to live on a higher plane spiritually. Jesus is the rock on which we can live and always have the high ground.

Prayer: Father, thank you for being my strong tower and refuge until now. Keep leading me to Jesus, the rock.

One Word: Lead me to the rock