Passage: Psalm 60:1~12  

Keyverse: 1

This Psalm is David’s desperate prayer after God has seemingly rejected his people, bringing a military defeat and hardships on them. They were in desperate times, with everything in a state of confusion. David plainly confesses the pain of their situation. The content of his request is simple: “Restore us!” It is right for us to pray for God’s restoration of our lives and our land when we are afflicted.

Then David remembers that the fear of God brings a powerful defense (4). He remembers God’s promise that all the tribes of Israel are his possession (6-7). God never actually rejected his people, and he would give them their inheritance in the end. Like David, we can remember that God is the owner of everything and that he will finally win the victory over all forces of darkness. In the last verses, David prays with more confidence, preparing to march out again bravely, and asks God to lead the armies of Israel (9-12). Our desperate prayer can also end with confidence of victory and a new decision to engage in spiritual battle.

Prayer: Father, we are your people and your possession. Even though we face hardships and loss, we believe you lead us to victory. Restore us again!

One Word: Lord, lead your people to victory