Passage: 1_Corinthians 9:19~27  

Keyverse: 23

1. To win people for the gospel (19-23)

The gospel had set Paul free. He belonged to no one. Yet, for the sake of the gospel, he made himself a slave to the gospel. To Paul, this meant that, to the Jews, he became like a Jew. To the Gentiles (those without the law) he became like a Gentile. To those of weak faith, he became like a person of weak faith. He became all things to all people. Why did he make himself like a chameleon? He did so to win people for the gospel. We learn an important lesson from Paul as to how to do ministry. Rather than pushing people to become like us, we should become like them, in order to win them for the gospel.

2. Run to get the prize (24-27)

Paul used an analogy of a race to describe the work of a gospel worker. The goal is to win the prize. The winner of an Olympic race would get a laurel crown. But to those who complete the heavenly race, a crown is given that will last forever (eternal life). Athletes train very hard before a contest. Likewise, we should work diligently for the gospel. When we do, we will be assured of an eternal crown.

Prayer: Father, help me to become all things to all people so as to win them for the gospel.

One Word: Do it all for the sake of the gospel.