Passage: Colossians 1:24~2:5  

Key verse: 28

1. Christ is sufficient for all (1:24-29)

We can rejoice in our suffering when it is for those we love. Paul rejoiced in his suffering for the church. He was commissioned by God to present the word of God in all its fullness and it was exactly what the brothers and sisters in Colossae needed. The true mystery, the only mystery revealed by God, is the mystery of Christ. In Christ we have all the wisdom we need to become fully mature. He is all sufficient! There is no reason to look anywhere else. Filled with the power of Christ, Paul labored with all his might to reveal this truth.

2. Do not be deceived (2:1-5)

Paul labored even for those he had never met in person, encouraging and uniting them in love so that they would have the full riches of understanding in Christ. They did not have to look anywhere else for this. They were to watch out and not be deceived by false teachers and ideologies. These same dangers exist today. Yet, it is in Christ where we find all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. We must be disciplined and firm in our faith in Christ to avoid these traps.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I cling to you and you alone.

One Word: Jesus is the one we proclai