Passage: Colossians 1:1~14  

Key verse: 3


The book of Colossians was written as a letter from Apostle Paul to the church in Colossae. It was one of several letters that were written while Paul was in prison. Although Paul had never met the Colossians in person, he loved them and struggled for them in prayer. He gave thanks for the fruit the gospel was bearing in their lives. He prayed for them to have the full knowledge of God's will for their lives. Epaphras, the leader of the Colossian church, was with Paul at the time and no doubt shared his love and concerns for them. Paul's writing addresses several false teachings that were creeping into the church. These included concerns about the influence of Judaism, legalism, and Gnosticism.

In response, Paul reminds the church, in a powerful way, of the supremacy of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is sufficient in every way and there is no additional knowledge or understanding that can be added to the gospel. Jesus is the image of God and contains the fullness of God in his person. All of creation, in heaven and on earth, was created through him and for his glory. He is the one who holds the universe together by the mighty power of his word. The church was born through his death and resurrection. He is the firstborn of the church and the head of its body. Paul explains how the wonderful fullness of Christ manifests itself in the lives of the believers. It shapes our character, our fellowship with other believers, the relationships in our families, our prayer lives, and our conduct.

May God bless you to grow in the knowledge of Christ and to experience his fullness as you prayerfully meditate on this magnificent letter.

1. Thanksgiving (1-8)

Paul gave thanks to God for the fruit that the gospel was bearing in the Colossian church and around the world. Where did their wonderful faith in Christ and love for each other come from? It all began when Epaphras shared the gospel with them. They heard the good news of salvation and received God's grace. This led to an unshakable hope in the kingdom of God, and this new and joyous hope became the source of their abundant faith and love. It is really something to be thankful for, isn't it? Thank God for the wonderful fruit that is growing in the lives of all believers today.

2. A knowledge of God's will (9-14)

Paul prayed for the Colossians to have the wisdom and understanding that comes from the Spirit so that they may know God's will for their lives. The best life is the life that is lived in a way that is worthy of Christ and is pleasing to him. It is a life that bears fruit in good deeds, grows in the knowledge of God, endures and perseveres by God's strength, and is full of joy and thanksgiving. This is our prayer for each other and the life the redeemed in Christ are to seek with all their hearts.

Prayer: Father, thank you for the gospel of Jesus.

One Word: The gospel is bearing fruit!