Passage: Matthew 2:1~12  

Keyverse: 1b-2

First, truth-seeking magi and wicked Herod (1-8)

A group of learned men from an eastern kingdom recognized a new star as the sign of the birth of the Messiah. Though they were Gentiles, they understood that this king was their true hope. They traveled to Jerusalem and asked King Herod where to find the child. Herod and the Jewish religious leaders were alarmed and did some quick Bible research. They found that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem and gave the Magi the information they needed. But with evil intent, Herod told them to return and report the child's location.

Second, they found Jesus (9-12)

The Magi were overjoyed when the star led them to the house where Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus were. They worshiped Jesus and gave him gifts from their hearts. On their way back home, God warned the Magi to avoid Herod so that his plan would not succeed. To find the object of worship in Jesus gives us true joy, even if we don't get any earthly benefit.

Prayer: Father, thank you for blessing me with success in finding Jesus, my true object of worship.

One Word: Those who purely seek Jesus find him