Passage: Luke 22:24~38  

Keyverse: 26

1. Jesus teaches servant leadership (24-30)

The disciples should have been supporting Jesus at this time, but instead they were obsessed with which one was greater than the others. Jesus taught them that true greatness comes from serving others. The prime example is Jesus himself, who is the greatest but lowered himself to serve needy sinners. A kingdom where the leaders are servants is like heaven.

2. Jesus predicts Peter's failure and promises restoration (31-38)

Jesus seemed to choose Simon Peter as the top disciple, but he would fail Jesus completely at the most crucial moment. Yet Jesus' grace had power to restore him even from this failure and then equip him to strengthen others based on the grace he received. God uses our failures to shape us into the kind of servants he wants. Jesus prepared his disciples to live a life of mission without his physical presence.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for your grace that works through my failures. Help me not to seek to be considered great, but to serve and strengthen others.

One Word: Be restored from failure to serve others