Passage: Habakkuk 3:1~19  

Keyverse: 19a

1. Do it again in our day, O Lord (1-16)

At the very time the Lord pronounced disaster, Habakkuk prayed based on the Lord’s might. He prayed that God, in his wrath, might remember mercy. He was reminded that this is the Lord who revealed himself like this in Israel’s history. He who strode the earth in wrath is he who came out to deliver and save. It is prophetic vision. Habakkuk prayed that the God of Israel would reveal himself and deliver his people in his day.

2. Yet I will rejoice in the Lord (17-19)

Habakkuk was not moved by appearances. What he saw with his eyes was failure. Yet, there he rejoiced. This is faith—to be joyful because of God himself. The Lord is Sovereign. He is the source of strength and joy. He enables us to rise above all things and prophesy his glory and rejoice in all circumstances.

Prayer: Lord, help me to live with prophetic insight in these dark times. Bless me to rejoice only in you.

One Word: I rejoice in God my Savior