Passage: Luke 6:37~49  

Key verse: 47

1. Be gracious to others (37-42)

Jesus teaches us not to judge or condemn others. This does not mean we ignore sin or are amoral. Instead we forgive generously as God forgives us generously. In fact, we will be forgiven as much as we forgive others. The more we grow and are trained in Christ, the more we become like him, even in his forgiveness. God trains us by helping us to recognize the planks in our eyes before removing the specks in our brother's eyes.

2. A life built on Jesus' words (43-49)

Trees are recognized by their fruits. Good fruit in one's life comes from a good heart. We can cultivate a good heart when we come to Jesus, hear his words and put them into practice. Such a person is like someone who builds a house, digs down deep, and lays a good foundation. When trials come, the person remains firm in the Lord. But a person who does not practice Jesus' words will find his life destroyed in the time of disaster.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for forgiving my sins. Help me to build my life on your word and forgive others.

One Word: Put Jesus' words into practice