Passage: Luke 2:21~40  

Key verse: 30,32

1. His parents kept the Law of the Lord (21-24)

In keeping with the Law, Jesus was circumcised. His name Jesus means "the Lord saves." He came to save us. Jesus was consecrated to God as Mary's firstborn with the offering of the poor (Lev 12:8).

2. Two old godly people testify to Jesus (25-40)

God led two more old people to testify about Jesus. Simeon was righteous and devout. By the Spirit he knew Jesus was the Messiah who would bring salvation, light to nations, and glory to Israel. He also knew Jesus would cause falling and rising in Israel, ill-spoken words, hearts to be revealed, and even Mary's soul to be pierced. Next, an old godly woman, Anna, spoke of Jerusalem's redemption. The child Jesus returned to Nazareth and grew strong, wise and in God's grace.

Prayer: Lord, may our eyes and hearts recognize the salvation, light and glory of Christ. May I also grow in wisdom and your grace.

One Word: My eyes have seen your salvation, light and glory