Passage: Acts 12:1~11  

Key verse: 5

1. The church prays for Peter (1-5)

King Herod persecuted the church in Jerusalem, he put to death Apostle James, the brother of John. He also had Peter arrested. This was a time of crisis for the church, it seemed there was nothing they could do. Peter was guarded by four squads of well-organized soldiers. Yet

what they could do was earnestly pray for Peter.

2. The Lord rescues Peter (6-11)

Peter was calmly sleeping between two guards. He was at peace, whether he lived or died he knew he was in God's hands. Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared, and a light shone into the cell. The angel woke Peter up and his chains fell off. The angel very simply led Peter

to freedom and then disappeared. His escape was so effortless Peter thought he was seeing a vision. What is impossible for people is possible for God. Let's pray!

Prayer: Lord help me to pray for those in need, even when it seems impossible.

One Word: His chains fell off