Passage: Acts 1:12~26  

Key verse: 14

1. They all joined together in prayer (12-14)

The apostles obeyed the direction of Jesus to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit. They returned to the upstairs room where they were staying and joined together in united prayer with the women, Mary, and his brothers. (Verse 15 tells us there were about a hundred and twenty present). They must have praised God, giving thanks for Jesus' resurrection and waiting on God's will in obedience, fellowship and prayer.

May another take his place (15-26)2.

Though they were united, they still felt the gap that Judas' betrayal had left. His death was wretched, but Peter was not sentimental. He knew it was the will of the Holy Spirit to fulfill Scripture concerning Judas. Now it was necessary for another to take his place. Just as God had established the 12 tribes for Israel, so Jesus had designated twelve apostles for the church. It was important that the person who replaced Judas had been present from the beginning of Jesus' ministry, to be able to testify to his life, death and resurrection. After proposing two, they prayed further, asking God to show them whom he had chosen.

Prayer: Lord, help us to seek your will in prayer through obedience and fellowship

One Word: Pray together