Passage: 1Peter 2:4~10  

Key verse: 9

1. Jesus, the living stone (4-8)

Jesus is the living stone. Humans rejected him. They crucified him. But he was precious to God, and He raised him from the dead. Thus, he became the cornerstone of our faith, and the giver of life. This is what it means that he is the living stone. And we are like Jesus, the living stone. We are being built into a spiritual house and a royal priesthood, who offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God. Because of Jesus, we have life. He is precious to us, but to unbelievers, he is the stumbling stone.

2. To declare the praises of him (9-10)

Unbelievers stumble over Jesus. But God has made believers a chosen people, a royal priesthood, God's special possession. He raised us up in order that we may praise Him. He has given us so much through His mercy! We are His people!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for Jesus, the precious living stone. You have made us like living stones so that we may declare your praises. Help me to declare your praises

One Word: Jesus the living stone; we, a chosen people