Passage: 1Timothy 2:8~15  

Keyverse: 10

1. Praying men lifting up holy hands (8)

Men have a tendency to become angry and dispute with one another. Instead of hitting with their hands, they should pray with holy hands. Paul wants men to grow as men of prayer in all areas of their life.

2. Women who profess to worship God (9-15)

The culture of Ephesus and of even today influences women to focus on elaborate hairstyles, gold or pearls or expensive clothes. Paul wants them instead to dress modestly, and be adorned with good deeds that reflect their inner attitude of love and worship toward God. Women of Ephesus were influenced by Diana worship, where priestesses dominated over men. To counter cultural influence, Paul wants women to learn in quietness and full submission. Through Genesis 2-3, Paul teaches that worship should be according to the word of God, and not be ruled by culture. Paul encouraged women to continue in faith, love, and holiness, extolling their feminine identity in God.

Prayer: Father, please help us men worship in prayer, and us women be adorned with good deeds.

One Word: Worship God appropriately