Passage: Zephaniah 3:1~20  

Keyverse: 17

1. A righteous Lord in an unrighteous city (1-7)

Even though the Lord dispensed his justice in the city of Jerusalem morning by morning, the people were rebellious (5). They did not obey him or follow his laws because they had become proud and complacent. God punished wicked nations around them, hoping that his people would fear him and accept correction. But still they would not repent (7). So, in his anger, he would pour out the wrath of his judgment on the whole world.

2. God who purifies and saves (8-20)

The purpose of God's discipline and judgment on the nations is to purge wickedness and save a remnant of people who love God and call on him with pure hearts and clean lips. God's people are the meek and humble people who trust the name of the Lord (12,13). God will be with them to comfort and protect. He is mighty to save those who put their trust in him (17).

Prayer: Lord, help me to be a part of your remnant. Make my heart and lips pure.

One Word: The Lord is mighty to save