Passage: Luke 9:1~9  

Key verse: 2

1. Jesus sent out his disciples (1-6)

Jesus' teaching and healing ministry was growing. At this time he wanted to help his disciples to truly participate in the gospel work. He called the Twelve together, gave them power and authority over demons and sickness, and sent them out. He gave them nothing more than his authority. They were to take nothing with them--no money or extra clothes, no food, no credit cards, no cell phones. With only Jesus' authority, they went from town to town proclaiming the Kingdom of God and driving out demons. If a town rejected them, they left, shaking even the dust from the town off their sandals.

2. Who is this man? (7-9)

Word of Jesus and his teaching and miracles had spread far and wide. Herod and other were perplexed as to who this was. Some thought it was Elijah, Others thought some other prophet had been brought back from the dead. Herod believed John the Baptist, whom he had beheaded, had come back to life! But this was Jesus, the Messiah! The Son of God!

Prayer: Lord, thank you that Jesus called his apostles. Thank you that he called us to go out and proclaim the kingdom of God. Bless us to proclaim your word.

One Word: Go and proclaim the kingdom of God