Passage: Nehemiah 4:1~23  

Key verse: 18

1. Even a fox could break down this wall (1-9)

When God's people began to work hard to rebuild the wall, godless men were angry. They ridiculed and threatened the builders. So Nehemiah prayed, and the people kept on working with all their heart (4-6). When the enemies plotted together to fight and to stir up trouble, Nehemiah prayed again and posted a guard (7-9).

2. Overcoming discouragement (10-23)

The task was big, and the laborers' strength was small, but they kept on building. Even some fellow Jews who overheard enemy plots warned the builders to give up. Nehemiah refused to be discouraged. He challenged the people to overcome fear; he reminded them that God is great. He armed the workers and posted a guard night and day. Neither he nor his men took off their clothes at night, and they kept their weapons in their hands, even when they went for water.

Prayer: Lord, the task is big and our strength is small and there are many enemies. Help us to keep on building.

One Word: Keep on building