Passage: Luke 6:37~49  

Key verse: 6:47

First, a good measure and a good tree (37-45). Critical eyes and hearts easily see the sins and faults of others. Jesus teaches that we must not judge and condemn. Rather we are to forgive and use a generous measure toward those who have wronged us. We are to repent our sins first and seek forgiveness. Then we will be able to help others. This is good fruit that Jesus desires to see in us. May the Holy Spirit fill our hearts with good things. Second, hearing and doing go together (46-49). Hearing Jesus' word is not enough; Jesus also teaches us to be doers of his word. Both hearing and practicing Jesus' word is how we lay a deep foundation for our faith. Then in times of severe adversity we will stand firm in Jesus. However, when we do not practice Jesus' word, we are like a house built without a foundation. It collapses in the torrents of life.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for forgiving our sins. Help me to hear and practice your word.

One Word: Build your life on Jesus' word