Passage: Luke 6:12~19  

Key verse: 6:13

First, the twelve apostles (12-16). The needs of the world were enormous. At the same time, opposition to Jesus was growing stronger. What did Jesus do? Jesus spent a night in prayer with God. In the morning he appointed twelve to be apostles. They were a varied group of men from different backgrounds. Jesus would love and train them and send them out into the world to carry on his ministry. Jesus can use any kind of person in his kingdom work. Jesus still calls and trains people who would be faithful to him to do his work. Second, Jesus heals many (17-19). Jesus and his newly appointed apostles came down the mountain. They were met by a large, needy crowd. They had come from all over, even Gentile territory, to hear Jesus' teaching and to be healed. Some had impure spirits. They were poor, desperate people and Jesus used his power to heal them all.

Prayer: Lord, the world is in great need of your word and healing. Please raise many committed people who are faithful to your work, beginning with me.

One Word: The twelve apostles