Passage: Luke 6:1~11  

Key verse: 6:5

First, 'Is it lawful on the Sabbath?' (1-5). One Sabbath, the disciples picked and ate grain as they walked through grain fields. Picking and eating grain from a field was lawful (Dt. 23:25). However, the Pharisees categorized picking and rubbing grain as work and therefore, unlawful on the Sabbath. Jesus pointed to David and his companions. In great need, they once ate bread meant only for the priests but were not condemned. Likewise, Jesus did not condemn his disciples but saw their actions as lawful. Jesus has authority to do so because he is Lord of the Sabbath. Second, doing good on the Sabbath (6-11). On another Sabbath, Jesus was teaching in a synagogue where there was a man with a shriveled hand. The religious officials watched Jesus closely to see if he would heal this man. Jesus asked them all whether it was lawful to do good or evil, to save or destroy life on the Sabbath. God does good and saves life regardless of the day of the week. Jesus healed the man which angered the religious leaders.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you are Lord of the Sabbath. Help me not to be legalistic but to do good and save life every day, especially on the Sabbath.

One Word: Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath