Passage: 1Peter 5:5~7  

Key verse: 6

1. God opposes the proud

There must be spiritual order in the Christian fellowship. So men who are young in faith should submit to spiritual seniors. God's people--young and old--must be humble toward one another. God does not like proud people, and he has nothing to give them. But he pours out his grace on humble people.

2. Humble yourselves under God's hand

Some people look humble. They are quiet and polite and seem to listen. But spiritually they are very proud and never learn from anyone. We must be humble before God. We must acknowledge his sovereignty and learn from his servants with humble hearts. Then, in due time he will lift us up. And if we are fearful of people or fearful of the future, we must cast our care on God, for he cares for us.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for caring for me. Teach me to humble myself under your mighty hand every day.

One Word: Be humble before God; don't fear people.