Passage: 1Peter 3:1~7  

Key verse: 4

1. To win an unbelieving husband

A woman's beauty is not in her outward appearance; she is beautiful if her heart and life are pure and reverent. She is beautiful if she has a gentle and quiet spirit, and if her hope is not in the things of the world, but in God. Women become proud and cantankerous when they put their hope in men or in growing children, or in a new house or a new car or in a job. A woman should strive to maintain spiritual order in her home as Sarah did by obeying Abraham. She should not give in to fear, but do what is right. A woman should not divorce an unbelieving husband if he consents to live with her (1Co 7:12-14). Unbelieving husbands can be won to faith, not by talk but by Christ-like behavior.

2. Husbands, treat your wives with respect

A man should treat his wife with respect and consideration. He should refrain from physical violence, for she is weaker than he is, and she is also an heir of God and joint heir with Christ (Ro 8:17).

Prayer: Lord, help me to grow in inner beauty.

One Word: Be beautiful on the inside